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FAC is a scientific organization constituted by the union of 30 Cardiology Societies of the Argentine Republic.

It was founded in 1965 by a group of cardiologists, joined through seven Cardiology Societies which existed at the time in the interior of Argentine (Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza, San Juan, Northeast, Tucumán and La Plata). These societies decided to separate from the Argentine Society of Cardiology on account of their different points of view regarding the dissemination of cardiology knowledge through the whole argentine territory.

FAC is a "society of societies". Its federal constitution allows the Societies which integrate it to maintain their autonomy and independence, with great respect for the level and rank of each other. They share as well, equal representativity before the Federal Committee which is its highest organism.

Its first President and "alma mater" of its creation was Prof. Dr. Ricardo Podio, from the city of Cordoba. He was succeeded as President of the FAC by members from the Cardiology Societies of Córdoba, Rosario, Mendoza, La Plata, Tucumán, Salta and Buenos Aires.

In the course of 50 years of existence, the Federation has carried out a hard work fighting for the development and promotion of cardiology throughout the whole country. It was able to achieve a magnificent improvement in the scientific cardiology level of different regions of the country. This was shown through the various scientific committees created.

Since its foundation, the growth of FAC has been constant. From the original seven Societies, today there are 30 Societies and 4 Delegations covering the whole national territory, 22 Scientific Committees, FAC Foundation devoted to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and sanitary education of the community, and the Journal of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology, highly renowned, and distributed to more than 3,500 members. All this constitutes the structure of the FAC, reaching its highest point of growth with the designation by WHF as co - organizer, jointly with SAC, of the XVI World Congress of Cardiology held in May 2008.

Through its Teaching Committee, FAC develops an intense program in post graduated education: residents in cardiology, courses in different places of the country, a grant system for scholarships in centers of high scientific level in our country and abroad, and also the recertifcation of the specialty, which is backed by several National Universities.

A National Congress is celebrated yearly in different argentine cities, with massive attendance and the participation of foreign guests. The XXVII edition will take place en May 2009 in Buenos Aires city.

The creation of the Teleinformatic Center (CETIFAC) in 1994, allowed great communication among the Federated Societies and with different cardiologic Centers from abroad. In 1999, the First Virtual Congress of Cardiology on the Internet, was organized with great success, and the institution is currently organizing the 6th edition.

All this was achieved thanks to the effort of the numerous members who, leaving personal interests aside and with a great service vocation, have worked and still work for the Institution.


FAC is a scientific organization constituted by the union of 30 Cardiology Societies of the Argentine Republic.
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