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General Information

The Argentine Federation of Cardiology - FAC organizes International Congresses of Cardiology by Internet every two years.

A high scientific level and great number of participants of different countries of the world have characterized these Virtual Congresses. The last virtual congress (6CVC), was developed in 2009, from September 1 to November 30, and concluded with 28,001 participants from 133 countries.

The Virtual Congresses allow updating information, at any time and from any place with access to Internet, facilitating the interactivity between lecturers and participants. After the congresses end, the presentations keep on available at the FAC web site (

At present there develops the 7th Virtual Congress of Cardiology, that will be carried out from September 1 until November 30, 2011.

Spanish, Portuguese, and English are the official languages of the Congress, and as a characteristic of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology Virtual Congresses the inscription is free.

The scientific program has been structured in Thematic Units that will include lectures presented by special guests, symposia organized by scientific institutions and pharmaceutical industries, courses, and brief communications (abstracts and full manuscripts)

These activities will allow obtaining credits for cardiology recertification in Argentina.


At the end of Congress, the certificates (Assistance/Participation) will be available, with the following costs:

- Residents outside Argentina (Foreign): Credit card: u$s 100 (one hundred dollars); bank transfer u$s 175 (one hundred and seventy five dollars).

Payment Modalities:

- Bank Transfer:

Beneficiary or Holder of the Account: Federación Argentina de Cardiología
CUIT: 30-62756107-1
Bank: Banco Credicoop Coop. Ltda.
Sucursal (subsidiary): 014 - Abasto
Type of account: Cuenta Corriente
Nº of account: 014-15711/2
CBU: 19100148-55001401571128

Once the bank deposit or transfer is made, you should send a fax with the data of it to the following direct number of FAX: 011-48666739, and/or by e-mail to

In the fax and/or mail the First and Last Name of the person who made the payment or name of the Society and/or member of the Society that made the payment, should be stated, as well as the Concept/Destination of the payment, e-mail address, and the postal address to which the receipt should be sent.





Declared of National Interest
by the Ministry of Health,
Presidency of the Nation,
Res. Nro. 200/11

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