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Opening Ceremory


Dr. Ricardo Lopez Santi
Argentine Federation of Cardiology


Dr. Gustavo Hernán Cerezo
President of Scientific Committee
7th. International Congress of Cardiology on the Internet

Ricardo Lopez Santi

The enormous merits of continuity

Dear Colleagues around the World,

It really flatters me having the opportunity of expressing the welcoming words to this meeting, which has become, without any doubt, an unequalled experience,  which anticipated in time to all the benefits that virtual space granted us in this hard task of bringing up to date on a daily basis in our professional career.

The prologue of the 1st Congress had already had me as a preeminent witness. 

I remember the “architects” of those first steps, Armando Pacher and Emilio Kuschnir, arduously working, one afternoon in the head office of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology, together with Eduardo Escudero, former President of the Institution, and Dr. Mario Maranhao, an affectionate friend of the FAC and the President of the World Heart Federation at that time.  They were developing a virtual space to share academic activities without any time or boundary limit, overcoming the barriers existing between cardiologists and knowledge.  At those times I was not quite sure about whether to give credit to the expectations that arouse such enterprise or to easily let me win by scepticism. 

Years went by and the capacity of our leaders at that moment showed us that they had a clear vision of the goals that they intended to reach.  We could say that those goals have been achieved at ease. 

To them, all our recognition.

Almost 13 years later we find ourselves  at the beginning  of this 7th  Congress, in which we renew our expectations not only regarding the scientific contribution of the speakers who will take part in it but also the willingness of each of the participants to share views and experiences through the possibility that  will be offered in the discussion forums. 

We express our gratitude to the great work developed by the Scientific and Technical-Steering Committees consolidating the enormous achievement represented by continuity.

Let us enjoy this festival of Knowledge which has been prepared for us. 

Dr. Gustavo Hernán Cerezo

Since 1993 the FAC organizes biennial cardiology congresses on the internet, being a pioneer on this type of events. The 7CVC, the result of this process, will have over 30.000 attendants from 145 countries. They will have free access to this vast source of high-quality academic information, conceived for teaching and updating colleagues plus a section destined for the general community.

Each virtual congress is a great economic and intellectual effort for the FAC, involving two years of continuous work. To accomplish this event’s success I have received the vital support of the FAC medical teleinformatic central’s personnel, the main organizers of these events. I value the effort of all my colleagues of the scientific committee and FAC members, as well as specialist from all around the world who selflessly support the congress by sharing their knowledge and experience.

We acknowledge our friends, colleagues and sponsors who help our federation burden the costs of this incredible interactive tool.





Declared of National Interest
by the Ministry of Health,
Presidency of the Nation,
Res. Nro. 200/11

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