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Daniel Peroni, MD

President of
Argentine Federation of Cardiology

Silvia Nanfara, MD

Co-President of Scientific Committee
4th Virtual Congress of Cardiology

Diego Esandi, MD

Co-President of Scientific Committee
4th Virtual Congress of Cardiology

Armando Pacher, MD

President of Technical-Steering Committee
4th Virtual Congress of Cardiology


Daniel Peroni, MD

The Fourth Virtual Congress of Cardiology begins and is taking place at the same time as the fortieth anniversary of the creation of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology. It will have the participation of almost 17,000 registrants belonging to more than 126 countries.

The success of the preceding congresses, makes this one very auspicious, and this is related to the huge interest awaken by medical information available through the informatic way, destined to be, there is no doubt about it, the fundamental element for CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION (CME), the initial purpose of our Federation.

CME is realized in the FAC, through its informatic organizations, such as NOTIFAC and EDIFAC, under the charge of our Secretariat of Informatics, CETIFAC, the written media such as the Journal, that joins the publication of Cardiology Themes and the institutional newsletter.

On the other hand, there is a series of agreements with companies, foundations and universities such as the REEME agreement with the University of Arizona, or with the SECYT of the University of Entre Ríos (FIUNER), which enable us to have full-text access to the main publishing organizations of the cardiology world.

Thus, we meet the federal commitment to take to the farthest places of our geography, the education that makes us equal.

The Virtual Congress is the most fulfilled expression of distribution of richness, understanding as richness the cultural advancement that allows us to have instant access to the sources of medical knowledge.

Because of its open participation, the substance of the authors, well, of realizing the idea of our outstanding figures, of joining with the interior of our country and leading us to excellence, I commit to make every reissue of the Virtual Congress better than the previous one, just as is happening now.




Diego Esandi, MD (audio)

After 18 months of work and preparation, it is to our great satisfaction that we start the International Congress of Cardiology through the Internet (Fourth Virtual Congress of Cardiology or FVCC), organized by the Argentine Federation of Cardiology (FAC).

On this occasion, along with the ISHNE and with a special acknowledgement to Dr. Sergio Dubner and Dr. Edgardo Schapachnik, we will be able to participate and share the Symposium on Atrial Fibrillation, which will be held on next October.

Likewise the Linuxmed 2005, with a special acknowledgement to Dr. Jorge Rodríguez, will be held jointly with the FVCC.

Over the next three months, more than 16500 participants from 126 countries, will share the adventure of knowledge and will make up a net of information that aims at sharing the same goal, to seek the well-being of our patients and for us to develop as human beings in the world of medical science.

Each lecture, each message sent, each paper presented, will be the threads of an intense, multiple and open weft. There, group activities will create the forums, the home pages, the hospital wards, the discussions, and after that we may know something new, and even better, we will doubt what we held as immanent. Only change is. Circulation taught to us by Galeno and Harvey, is still in motion. Our greatest acknowledgement is to the lecturers, who honor us with their generous and outstanding participation. Likewise to the authors of brief communications, the registrants, the firms that accompany us and believe in the philosophy of this pioneer activity, the members of the Scientific and Technical-Steering Committees, the secretaries Eliana and Paola with their unselfish dedication, and without whom it would be impossible to carry out these events, and to the staff of FAC in its headquarters in Bulnes, Capital Federal.

Finally, to our families. They concede very valuable hours, because they also believe in that what we do is to create a better world, and that includes us all.

Welcome. The FVCC has started. We send our warm regards for each and every one of the 16571 registrants.




Armando Pacher, MD (audio)

In this fourth version of the international congress of cardiology through the Internet, we have kept the philosophy of the previous ones: to enable its access to the great majority of those interested. Thus, novel methods that are unavailable for the three fourths of the participants were ruled out. We have innovated through audiovisual developments in Flash, but ensuring that the contents will also be available off line.

Likewise, once again we have generated the mechanism of access to the material published on the Web, for those who only have access through e-mail, known as FTPMail.

We have maintained the asynchronous nature of the activities, considering the universal geographical distribution of the 126 countries of origin of the registrants. Thus, the FVCC will have lectures, courses and brief communications that will be presented on Web pages; each one will have a form from where interaction will be possible through e-mail with the lecturers, teachers and authors, through each of the 20 mailing lists of the Continuing Education Forum on Cardiology of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology, employing any of the official languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and English. All the contents, including the exchanges through e-mail, will remain permanently on the Web.

From the 7,574 registrants from 95 countries of origin that attended the first virtual congress, up to the 16,929 participants from 126 countries that today start attending this meeting, we have gone a long way, that follows a teaching, scientific and academic path, inherited from those individuals that in 1965, 40 years today, created the Argentine Federation of Cardiology.

I am grateful for the outstanding activity by the Scientific Committee, the unconditional support from the Executive Board of the FAC and from the authorities of the Bioengineering Faculty of the National University of Entre Ríos, the invaluable work of the technical staff of CETIFAC mainly Mariana Ceballos, Gabriela Lell and Corina Espíndola, to the members of the Technical-Steering Committee, who will carry for three months the weight of the management of the moderated forums, to Dr. Roberto Lombardo for his tireless work, and to my wife and my family for their understanding and permanent support.



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