1st Virtual Congress of Cardiology - Argentine Federation of Cardiology - FAC

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General information

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Second Virtual Congress of Cardiology

The 1st Virtual Congress of Cardiology - FVCC is coming to an end. The Congress has been organized by the Argentine Federation of Cardiology (FAC), and it has been held on the Internet since October 1st, 1999 (and it will be completed on March 31st, 2000) and it gathered 7,565 registrations from 95 countries. There was access to the different activities through the Web, e-mail, and chat. All the material that has been dealt with will remain permanently on the Web, and will be edited in a CD that will be distributed to the participants registered up to 3/25/2000.

The Virtual Congress included lectures, symposia, athenaeums, controversies, courses and brief communications. A total of 172 lectures were developed. The number of Abstracts presented was 517, from which 414 were accepted to be published as Brief Communications. Through mailing lists, 16 Thematic Forums were implemented. The latter were moderated and bilingual: the messages were received in Spanish, Portuguese, and English, the Moderators submitted the messages that were in agreement with the purposes of the Forum to be translated, and forwarded them either in Spanish and English, or in Portuguese and English. A system of self-evaluation was developed, the REFACIN (Spanish), that made it possible to obtain points for recertification of the Title as Specialist on Cardiology in Argentina through the system of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology - FAC. A total of 19 issues of the FVCC Newsletter ( English - Spanish ) were edited and published in Spanish and English. A Public Area was available in Spanish, with general information of interest to physicians and general public.

The scientific material was adapted to each activity, and was displayed on the Web pages; opinions, contributions, questions, and answers were sent through e-mail, and discussions were carried out on line through scheduled Chats. For the participants that do not have access to the Web, a system to obtain pages through e-mail (FTPMail) was implemented. The contents of the messages of the Forums were also displayed on Web pages, therefore anyone who enters at any time to the FVCC has the material from Lectures, Courses, Athenaeums, Brief Communications, and Newsletters available as well as more than a thousand messages exchanged in the Forums. Internal mailing lists to work, were implemented. In them, more than five thousand messages were exchanged among the executive members of the FVCC (Presidents, Secretaries, and Thematic Forums' Moderators). The mails exchanged, without including the messages received with the 7,400 registrations, add up to 12,761.

Both composition and contents are complete responsibility of authors and speakers. Unlike what happens in Congresses "in person", the organizers of this Congress had the chance to know beforehand the contents of the different lectures presented. Since there were no precedents in this respect, given the innovation of it, there were two alternatives: one was to request modifications to the different authors, with the aim of unifying the literary criteria of the papers presented, under supervision by experts, as it happens when publishing a work; and the other was to publish the papers on the Web pages just as they were submitted, thus keeping both the structure and contents written by the authors. The organizers were inclined to this second possibility, consequently all Lectures that were presented on the Web pages of the Virtual Congress are the textual expression of what has been sent by the authors, who had the chance to give their consent to them.



Registration and Register

Although the registration to the FVCC ends on March 25th, 2000, a register (free of charge) will remain open to obtain the necessary data to enter into the Scientific Area (username and password).

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The registration can also be made by e-mail to rlombard@pcvc.sminter.com.ar

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Organizing Institution:
Argentine Federation of Cardiology - FAC

Attached Institution:
Bioengineering - Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos, Argentina

Fax: 54 343 4223763 - 54 343 4314333

Contact persons:
Dr. Armando Pacher: apacher@satlink.com - fac@fi.uner.edu.ar
Dr. Emilio Kuschnir: hcn_unc@tm.conae.gov.ar - emiliokuschnir@arnet.com.ar
Dr. Roberto Lombardo: rlombard@pcvc.sminter.com.ar - fac@fi.uner.edu.ar
Dr. Hernán Polo Friz: polofriz@arnet.com.ar - hcn_unc@tm.conae.gov.ar

Thematic Forums' Moderators:
Dr. Marcelo Bassino: marbas@teletel.com.ar
Tech. Mario Blitzman: blitz@cvtci.com.ar
Dr. Raúl Bretal: rbretal@netverk.com.ar
Dr. John Bustamante: john@logod.upb.edu.co
Dr. Alberto Canestri: acanestri@agora.com.ar
Dr. Diego Esandi: esandi@arnet.com.ar
Dr. Silvia Eskenazi: sidemi@terra.com.pe
Dr. Florencio Garófalo: fgaro@satlink.com
Dr. Mario Heñin: mariohenin@arnet.com.ar
Dr. Alejandro Luque Coqui: alucoq@mexicomail.com
Dr. Jamil Mattar Valente: jamil@matrix.com.br
Dr. Karel Morlans Hernández: icardio@infomed.sld.cu
Dr. Jorge Sanagua: jsanagua@satlink.com
Dr. Edgardo Schapachnik: edgardo@schapachnik.com.ar
L. Amanda Serrón: aserron@internet.com.uy


Second Virtual Congress of Cardiology

The Argentine Federation of Cardiology - FAC announces the Second Virtual Congress of Cardiology - SVCC, that will be held on the Internet from Sep. 1st, to Nov. 30th, 2001. The abstracts will be received for their presentation as Brief Communications since Mar 1st, 2001.



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