1st Virtual Congress of Cardiology

1st Virtual Congress
of Cardiology

Argentine Federation of Cardiology

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Promotional Services

We anticipate economical support from pharmacological, technological, consumables, hardware and software, food, and publishing companies, and bookshops.

By investing in this Congress you have the following advantages:

Seizing Internet features, which permit a wide issuing.
Promoting your company during the 6 months of Congress's time.
Publicizing your company in the preliminary pages and mailing lists, from the moment the agreement is settled.
Real costs, owing to the fact that there are no additional expenses in traveling, allowances, hotels, etc.
Splitting your investment in two separate budgetary periods (1999 and 2000).

Promotional services are:

Symposiums sponsored by the companies
The company will decide upon the list of topics, and will invite the lecturers (including its own researchers), and will provide the material (texts, images, audio, and video) to the Steering Committee, in order to publish it in the Congress's pages, as "name-of-the-company" Symposium.

Round Tables - Mailing Lists headings
Name of the company in the pages where the speeches are published, and in the mailing lists where questions, commentaries, and contributions are made to the former.

Brief communications and Posters
Name of the company in all the pages where the scientific works are published, and questions and commentaries are made to the works.

Entrances to the stands will be placed in a page with obligatory access. This will consist of 3 Web pages with information about products, links to the company's home page, organization of raffles, and prizes for the assistants.

General Information and a public access Area - Mailing List's Headings
Name of the company in all preliminary information and during the Congress.

CD with the Congress's contents (lectures, speeches, debates, chats logs, exchanged messages in mailing lists, etc.). The company will afford copying, labeling, and distribution.

They will have auspices by scientific and academic institutions, foundations, and they will be supported by companies. Six Prizes will be awarded to the best scientific works: one to the best scientific work presented in the Congress; four to the best works in Basic Research, in Clinical Research, carried out by residents, and carried out in an Institution from Latin America; one to the best scientific work in Epidemiology (Inter American Heart Foundation).

These promotional services can be paid monthly from the moment your investment is settled. Thus, settling in February 1999, you can obtain a fourteen months promotion period, which can be paid in small installments.

For further details about commercialization, please call Ms. Eliana Bouchet (rlombard@satlink.com, Fax 54 343 422 3763 - 54 343 431 4333).





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