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Chat conferences

General aspects
Obtaining Chat programs
Access to the FVCC Steering Committee channel


Two or more users can communicate in real time (simultaneously, right in the moment it is happening) through conversations carried out with the keyboard. These conversations are called Chat. The Chats use an Internet service called IRC (an acronym for Internet Relay Chat) which was developed in 1988 in Finland by Jarkko Oikarinen. The Chats are carried out by obtaining access to servers that have, in turn, configurated channels (virtual places) of Chat.

These channels can be accessed through a chat customer program (which has probably already been installed in your computer by your Internet access provider, or which can be obtained in several Web addresses, free of charge, or at a very low cost). All programs have assistance files, in order to make use easier.

Next, there are several Web addresses listed, in which you can obtain customer programs for Windows, MacIntosh, Unix, Amiga (modified from  Valhall Net):

For PC under Windows
Global Chat
mIRC (shareware) mIRC, excellent program, with multiple use options
Netscape Chat

Global Chat
Netscape Chat

Global Chat

For Amiga (Commodore)

To obtain documentation on IRC:
All IRC documentation


The 1st Virtual Congress of Cardiology Steering Committee channel is called #PCVC, and is authorized in the pcvc.sminter.com.ar server. To access the channel, the Chat customer program must be configurated.

Chat mIRC program configuration (a server's definition)

    1. Open the Chat program (mIRC)
    2. Go to File, choose Setup, then choose Add
    3. Description: CO-PCVC
    4. IRC Server: add to server: pcvc.sminter.com.ar
    5. Port(s): 6667
    6. Leave Group and Password blank
    7. Press OK
    8. In Full Name, enter Name and Surname
    9. In e-mail Address, enter e-mail address
   10. In Nickname, enter the name or nickname by which you will be identified during the Chat (up to 8 characters).


Steps to access the Chat:

  1. Connect to an Internet access provider

  2. Play the Chat customer program (mIRC, MSChat, etc.)

  3. Choose the pcvc.sminter.com.ar server

  4. Choose the #PCVC room

  5. Check who is in the room (usually a window on the right of the screen shows a list of the active participants).

  6. Take part actively or passively, always taking into account the basic rules of behavior for the net ("netiquettes", which will be published in due time).

  7. Each time you press Enter, all that you have written will pass on to each participant's screen.


Chat general aspects

The rooms or channels where the Chat is performed (IRC) are designated by the sign # (numeral), and the name (ej. #PCVC, #cardiol). They are read as numeral pcvc and numeral cardiol.
To carry out different actions during the Chat, the menu bar and the buttons of the IRC program are used.
Several commands can also be used. These commands should be written in the bottom window of messages.
All commands used in Chat (IRC) programs, begin with a slash leaned towards the right (/). In order to learn what channels are authorized in a server, and only after you are connected, you should write in the bottom window: /list and the channels working at the moment will be listed.

The table shows the commands most usually used, as well as their aim, and examples:




/dcc send sending a file to someone /dcc send c:\model\model.exe Robert
/help asking for help /help
/ignore preventing the arrival of someone's messages /ignore John
/join (1) joining to a room or a channel already existing /join #PCVC
/join (2) creating a new room or channel /join #Scientific
/list listing the rooms of a server /list
/nick changing nickname /nick Edgard
/ping checking delay of system /ping Sylvia
/play sending a text file to the room /play c:\congress\congress.txt 5000 (see below)
/chat inviting someone to chat privately /chat Sylvia
/server connecting to a Chat server /server pcvc.sminter.com.ar
/whois asking for someone's data /whois Florence

Play command: This command is very useful, since it makes possible to send text files to the room, or to someone present in the room. The address (path) where the file you wish to send is, must be correctly written. The file must have a .txt extension. At the end you should add a figure bigger than 1000, which will establish the waiting time between each paragraph: 1000 is one second, 5000 is five seconds, etc. (it is advisable to write 5000 to 10000, so that those who receive the file can read it in the screen). 

DCC command: Warning: accept only programs sent by identified users, and known to you, since by this medium, you may receive files infected with computer viruses.

To record the chat: All the contents of a chat can be recorded in a disk, in order to be printed or read later. To record, you have to click in the small square which is in the left top corner of the chat window. A menu will unfold. There you should select Buffer, and then choose Save. The contents will be recorded as a text file, in the log folder of the mIRC folder (or where the mIRC program is).