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Interventional Cardiovascular Rounds

Coordinator: Dr. Hugo Londero
Moderator: Dr. Raúl Bretal

Case number 2: Patient with a Carotid Angioplasty

Presented by Dr. Oscar Mendiz

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A 64 years old male patient. Arterial risk factors: Hypertension, and non-insulin requiring Diabetes Mellitus. Since 1997 he suffered dizziness and syncope. On May 1999 he presented left hemiparesis with dysarthria.

A brain CT scan showed signs of cerebral atrophy greater than expected for the patient’s age and cortical hypodensities in both hemispheres (Ischaemic secuelae).

Carotid angiography finding were: right internal carotid artery occlusion just distal to the bifurcation, severe obstruction of left internal carotid artery just distal to the bifurcation; it was a short tubular lesion, without ulcers or thrombus images (Figure N°1) and severe obstruction at left vertebral artery ostium (Figure N°2 - C).

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Fig. 1


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Fig. 2

In summary he was a symptomatic patient with severe obstruction of the left internal carotid artery, contralateral occlusion and severe vertebral ostium narrowing, where surgical Endarterectomy have been the only possibility of treatment up to the last years.

We have asked their opinion at two well known all over the world interventionists: Dr. Mark Whooley (Chairman, Pittsburgh Vascular Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) and Dr. Michel Henry (Co-Director Interventional Cardiology Unit, Polyclinique Essey-les-Nancy, France).

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