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Goodbye to a Friend - 7/29/2000


With the physical disappearance of Dr. René Favaloro, the Argentine Cardiology has lost its most illustrious physician and its most distinguished teacher. The voice which has been silenced for ever was the most eloquent in the dais, the life which has passed away was the most struggling and creative in our medical word; the perfect example we could proudly show in every corner of the world.

A long time will pass by before we have someone of his like. A man with his spirit and strength only shows up once in a while. He had the fire of enthusiasm, the yearn to search for truth, the passion for his ideas. He bequeathed humanity with a surgical method that changed the history of coronary disease an he returned to his native country – the one he loved so much – to give way to a long march in the quest of a superior cardiology. First from the Guemes Hospital and later on from the Favaloro Foundation he always fought to improve coronary surgery, he struggled to achieve excellency in cardiology for everybody, and he committed himself in the problems of our society.

He was a passionate reader and writer; a modest, sensitive and temperamental human being, with a deep sense of humanity- He denounced the injustices of our health system and the lack of clear health policies.
The Argentine Federation of Cardiology owes him eternal recognition. He helped us to grow and always supported us. He was our collaborating friend and participated in all our congresses being the chairman of many of them. His presence was a grant for hierarchy to many scientific meetings and he honored us with an invitation to participate actively in "Cardiology for the Consultant" a classic event of the Argentine Cardiology nowadays.

But now, in a state of dispair the old fighter is gone. During the last years he had to endure the meanness and the lack of understanting of an anarchic and inefficient health system. He was attacked by the narrow minds and the "can’t be done" of the arbitrary ones that prevent the advance of medicine. His early departure reflects his impotence against a dying but destructive and absolutist system that resists any change.

The great teacher lowered his arms and left us in a state of very deep sorow, mainly for the ingratitude with which he was paid for the high services he rendered. Now, he rests in peace, leaving behind the immense treasure of his example and work. The grief of this departure is sweetened by his ever-lasting memory
With deep sorrow we say good bye to René Favaloro

Dr. Juan Carlos Linares Casas
Ex-President of Argentine Federation of Cardiology
July 29, 2000

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