Opening Ceremory

Dr. Ladislao Endrei
Argentine Federation of Cardiology
Dr. Jorge Sanagua
President of Scientif Committee
5th. International Congress of Cardiology on the Internet


Dr. Ladislao Endrei

Dear Colleagues,

We are at the beginning of an event that is a registered trademark of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology (FAC, in Spanish language): the International Congresses of Cardiology on the Internet. 

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is what our Institution is concerned about, being fundamentally vital that the knowledge is widespread among all the colleagues from every distant point of the Argentine Republic. 

FAC is especially worried about the development of a medical education platform that contemplates the need of every cardiologist to keep up to date with all the latest research.  Consequently, FAC publishes the internationally prestigious “Argentine Federation of Cardiology Journal”, and two newsletters, a printed one called “Themes of Cardiology” and a virtual one called Infofac which contains unpublished articles and comments specialized on different subjects. In addition to this, four-monthly courses are organized, as well as workshops and Congresses, and the FAC has developed a System of CME Credits that compliments the technical-professional requirements established by the National Laws. 

At the same time FAC, as every scientific institution, needs to be internationally casted forward by achieving a solid relationship with other countries in order to be enriched by the signing of agreements that would promote a fair feed-back that enables the expansion of the whole field of cardiology. 

The International Congresses of Cardiology on the Internet, from which our Institution has been a pioneer within the field of cardiology, have consolidated along the time and they became a very important tool that contributes to the fundamental objectives of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology.

Likewise, in a very simple way, the Virtual Congresses provide the whole world with the latest scientific and technological advances. It is certainly easy to achieve this because its contents are accessible to everyone since there is no need to count with special software neither latest generation computers; and what it is more, participants do not need to have special skills in data processing.  This so interesting activity enables its access to the great majority of people interested in it; allowing knowledge and latest news to arrive to everyone and everywhere.

In this sense,  the growing number of participants from more than 128 countries, as it was registered in the forth edition of this Virtual Congress, shows the growing interest in this type of events,  as well as the increasingly international projection that our Institution has developed, surely as a consequence of the Congresses of Cardiology on the Internet. 

Finally, and in accordance with all that I have said, it is a pleasure and a honor for me to inaugurate the Sessions of this 5th International Congress of Cardiology on the Internet, and taking into account that this is a vital scientific tool for those who live in reallydistant places of the our country, I have no doubt that this congress will succeed as it did in its previous editions.


Dr. Jorge Sanagua ()

Dear Congress fellows,

Today, we start the 5th International Congress of Cardiology by the Internet, with more than twenty thousand registrants (20,000) from one hundred and thirty two countries (132), and during three months we will be sharing very valuable and specialized information, guided by the most prestigious physicians and researchers of World Cardiology.

The Argentine Federation of Cardiology, a scientific organization that was founded in 1965, and constituted by 37 Societies of Cardiology from the whole country, has been a pioneer in Virtual Congresses. It allowed professionals to have access to high-level knowledge, as part of a program of continuing education.

Medical knowledge duplicates year after year, and advances at a great speed. Updating becomes necessary, a vital need to respond to the challenges by health care systems, increasingly more demanding.

The 5th International Congress of Cardiology by the Internet, is an important mean for this valuable interaction of specialists from different areas in the world, who will be able to share the most novel knowledge in the three official languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese, with the invaluable support by specialized professional translators.

The scientific program is made up by 21 Thematic Units, very up-to-date, that cover the whole range of the Cardiology of the New Millennium, from clinical specialties, such as ischemic heart disease, high blood pressure, and arrhythmias; diagnostic imaging; the newest pharmacological managements; the newest approaches with interventionism and cardiovascular surgery; transdisciplinary, mental and preventive aspects of cardiology, advancements in basic sciences and bioengineering; the contribution of nursing, and specialists in intensive care; supplementary managements such as physical activity, cardiac rehabilitation, diet, relax therapies such as yoga, ayurveda, etc.

Besides, there are three important Symposiums: the Argentine-Brazilian Symposium on Exercise, Stress Text and Rehabilitation; the Smoking or Health Symposium, and the 1st Worldwide Internet Symposium on Drug-Induced QT Prolongation, organized by the International Society of Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiography (ISHNE).

I would like to thank the priceless support from the Authorities of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology, the Technical-Steering Committee; the Secretaries, Melisa Schönhals and María Soledad Camaño, the Lecturers and members of the Scientific Committee that work tirelessly; the sponsoring companies and institutions, Dr. Guillermo Acosta by his untiring work as Vice-President. To my wife Ana and my family for their understanding and permanent support.

Finally, I invite you, to visit the Web page of the Department of Tourism of the Government of Catamarca, so that you can know my province in Argentina, from where this event was organized.

Welcome you all…