General Information

The Argentine Federation of Cardiology - FAC organizes every two years, International Congresses of Cardiology by the Internet. They are characterized by a high scientific level and low cost for participants. This enables access to updated information, as well as interactivity between lecturers and participants, without having to move from where they live, and at the time they choose.

The First Virtual Congress of Cardiology (FVCC), original in the specialty, was held between October 1st, 1999, and March 31st, 2000, and had 7,574 registrants from 95 countries, and the 2nd Virtual Congress of Cardiology (SVCC), from September 1st, to November 30th, 2001, had 11,700 participants from 107 countries; in the 3rd Virtual Congress of Cardiology (TVCC), from September 1st to November 30th, 2003, 14,118 members from 122 countries participated, and in the 4th Virtual Congress of Cardiology (FVCC), from September 1st to November 30th, 2005, concluded with 18,185 registrants from 128 countries.

These conferences are scheduled and developed each two years. Currently, work is in progress for the Fifth Virtual Congress of Cardiology - QCVC, which will take place from September 1st to November 30th, 2007.

The official languages will be Spanish, Portuguese, and English, and the registration is free of charge.

Relevant figures of world cardiology have been invited, and with their valuable experience they will update the knowledge of the thriving specialty of cardiology proper of the beginning of the millennium.

Access to the Fifth Virtual Congress of Cardiology will be made by a simple connection to the Internet. The lectures, reports, abstracts and brief communications will be published in Web pages. Opinions and questions will be sent by e-mail to discuss the respective forums and there will be on-line discussions in real time by scheduled chats. Everything that is treated in the Congress will remain permanently published on the Web.

The scientific program will consist of 21 Thematic Units, very topical, which will include lectures by special guests.

There will be symposia organized by scientific institutions and by pharmaceutical and electromedicine industries, besides athenaeums, controversies, case discussions, courses and presentation of research works.

Through the Department of Education of the FAC, a system for self-evaluation will be implemented, which will enable obtaining points for the recertification of the Certificate of Specialist in Cardiology in Argentina.

The Newsletter (Spanish, Portuguese, and English) will be edited weekly and sent to all the registrants throughout the three months of the Congress.

For the participants who lack access to the Web, there will be a system implemented for access to the Congress by e-mail.