Dr. Armando Pacher
President of Technical-Steering Committee
5th. International Congress of Cardiology on the Internet

The Fifth Virtual Congress of Cardiology: Behind the scene

Video version

Dear friends,

The Fifth Virtual Congress of Cardiology has finished. As in the movies, the activity is huge, more complex and demanding behind the scenes than on the screen. In order to present the Virtual Congress backstage, I will refer to some aspects connected, particularly, with activities carried out by the Technical- Steering Committee.

Both, the Scientific and the Technical-Steering Committees begin working 18 months before the opening. Communications are established by email, and occasionally by audio-conference. Up to now, 1,911 messages have been exchanged between the two committees.

The Technical- Steering Committee is formed by 21 Moderators and Coordinators who work pro bono, three permanent staff members, two temporary members and two translators. These are the Moderators, Coordinators and Staff Members:

Moderators, Coordinators and Staff Members

Five months before the beginning of the congress, working on the edition begins. The staff receives from the Scientific Committee the material of the guest lecturers, which is edited and uploaded at a non-public Web address. After that, lecturers and committee members are asked for quality control and the necessary corrections are made. On the other hand, accepted brief communications are edited and uploaded. Both, lectures and brief communications are published weekly according to the Scientific Committee schedule. The Fifth Virtual Congress of Cardiology had 201 lectures and 104 brief communications.

Edition and publication of lectures and brief communications

21 moderated forums worked during the virtual congress. Questions, answers and comments were directly received by the specific Moderator, who filtered and sent them to be translated. After that, the material was distributed in Spanish, English and Portuguese, as this image shows:

Forum messages: filtering and translation

The next picture shows the distribution of the 777 emails exchanged in the Forums. The majority of the messages were connected with arrhythmias, nursing, exercise, surgery and Chagas Disease:

Distribution of Forums messages

This image shows very interesting results. It can be seen the number of the mails exchanged during the congress: a total for 2,688 messages, 1,911 behind the scene, 71%, and 777 on the stage:

Work and Forum messages

Before finishing, I wish to highlight the activities of the Scientific Committee and congratulate Drs. Jorge Sanagua and Guillermo Acosta on their achievements.

I would like to thank the Argentine Federation of Cardiology Board for their support.

I was honored to be in charge of the staff and Moderators and Coordinators, to whom I feel deeply grateful and I would like to thank for their support and sustained efforts.

Finally, I would like to thank the lecturers, authors, those who took part in the debates and the rest of the participants, and invite you to the Sixth Virtual Congress of Cardiology to be held in September 2009.

Thank you.


Eliana Magariños Gabriela Lell Mariana Ceballos Corina Espíndola Luis Salazar María Isabel Ayala