Dr. Jorge O. Sanagua
President of the Scientific Committee
Fifth Virtual Congress of Cardiology by the Internet


Video version

Dear Congress fellows,

The 5th International Congress of Cardiology by the Internet has finished after three months of intense scientific activities, represented by more than 22 thousand registrants from 133 countries.

The Argentina Federation of Cardiology is an institution that has been a pioneer in the area of continuing medical education, by adding new didactic technologies through the Internet. This allows the physicians to have a more dynamic reading of the scientific contents, by adding the advantages of multimedia with images, videos and sound. If  there is interaction with the lecturers, from a PC at any time, the information becomes more attractive and customized, producing a revolution in the way to study and learn.

There were 201 lectures and 104 brief communications published, which added
to the versions in two and three languages of some of them, made up a total
of 466 scientific publications.Three Symposia were developed and the different thematic forums had an intense exchange of messages between lecturers, participants, and researchers. The high academic level of the lecturers, selected from the most important names of world cardiology, provided an special distinction to the Virtual Congress.

In the public area, there were numerous lectures about cardiovascular information and prevention, addressed to the community in general, and accompanied by the powerful music of Diego Jaskalevich, a famous Argentine “charango” player.

The opening lecture "Bioartificial Myocardium: Dream or Reality" by Dr. Juan Carlos Chachques from France, surprised for the advancement of the new tissue regeneration therapies to treat heart failure.

A very funny anecdote was the "million dollar prize" offered by Dr. Andres Perez Riera for the person who could diagnose a very strange electrocardiogram. The most relevant figures of world electrocardiography made numerous contributions, but none diagnosed that the tracing was from a "horse". In the end he compensated them by saying "in life, people should trust more in those that make mistakes, than in those that are right."

A special thank to the authorities of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology for their permanent support, to the members of the Scientific and Technic-Steering Committees, who worked tirelessly, to the devoted secretaries and translators, to the lecturers and researchers, to the sponsors, and most of all to you who, with your virtual presence, made it possible to have a 5th International Congress of Cardiology by the Internet.

Thank you very much,