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Smoking and Related Diseases in Women.

Duenas, Alfredo F.*; Peto, Richard**;
Debs, Giselle*; Boreham, Jill**; Porto, Aida S.*;
Ramírez, Milvia*; De la Noval, Reynaldo*;
Gonzalez, Juan C.*; Acosta, Magda*

*Dpt. of Preventive Cardiology. Institute of Cardiology, Habana, Cuba
**Clinical Trial Service Unit. University of Oxford, Oxford, Great Britain

Introduction: Smoking is the most extended, preventable cause of death and disability in the world. The prevalence of smokers among the Cuban women is very high since several years ago.

Objectives: To determine the magnitude of the smoking habit among the Cuban women, its distribution and its relation with some common diseases.

Methods: In collaboration with the Clinical Trial Service Unit of the University of Oxford, Between January 1997 and June 1999, we have interviewed 58 082 women 35 years and over from 5 provinces in Cuba. In the screening we explored, smoking habits, blood pressure, height and weight, and diseases they were affected (from the registries of the family doctors). All this population will be followed for 20 years about mortality data.

Results and discussion:
Prevalence and Distribution
Prevalence of ever smoked: 34.1%
Prevalence of current smokers: 25.6%
Mean age of starting smoking: 16.0 years SD 5.3
Cigarettes smoked per day: 13.2
Women starting before the age of 18: 56.7%

Smoking and related diseases: Tabla 1

Conclusion: Smoking is a common condition among the Cuban women. Several chronic diseases are closed related with smoking.



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