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Seropositivity Prevalence for Chlamydia
Pneumoniae in adults in the City of Córdoba.

Guzmán, L.; Aguiar, S.; Villegas, N; Zapata, M.;
Cuffini, C.; Adamo, P.; Becher, S.; Pedronti, M.

Unit CV Hosp. Córdoba. Unit CV Sanatorio Allende. I. of Virologia Fac. Cs Prescribes UNC

It is possible that inflammatory bases exist in the atheroesclerosis process, being identified the Chlamydia Pneumoniae and other microorganisms like possible bonds.

Objectives: The seropositivty prevalence is not known for Chlamydia Pneumoniae in adults with and without clinical atherosclerosis in Cordoba. We investigate it in a representative sample considering it a useful and necessary epidemic fact for comparative studies.

Material and Methods: You show sanguine of 300 inhabitants givers of blood in Banks of 2 institutions and of pensioners' of PAMI 2 centers Cordoba, being presented 185 patients' complete data. Age among 35-78 years, mediates 45 years. 132 masculine. By means of questionnaires ad-hoc clinical atherosclerosis was discarded and prevalence of factors of traditional waterings settled down. They were excluded in the two samples to the sharp or chronic payees of lung illnesses. With technical of Micro-Inmunofluorescency and using Chlamydia Pneumoniae-TWAR slides (Bion) as antigens, the prevalence of antibodies IgG was determined. Dilutions were made from 1/32 to 1/512 considering you as postinfeccion in that range and non detectable for under 1/32. antiserum human anti IgG was applied conjugated to the slides.

Results: They offer those corresponding to population without atherosclerosis. The seropositivity prevalence in Cordoba calculated starting from the sample and with the demographic adjustments of age and sex, according to data of the INDEC, it was of 69,71% (IC 95% 69,5% to 69,9%), without significant difference according to sex and age. The seropositivity with dilution 1/32 were predominant, reaching to 68%.

We Conclude that the prevalence for Chlamydia Pneumoniae in Cordoba. it is similar to that of other regions of the world.


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