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Seropositivity Prevalence for Chlamydia
Pneumoniae in Presence of Coronary
Illness. I Study Case - Control.

Guzman L.; Aguiar S.; Villegas N.;
Cuffini M.; Zapata M.

Sanatorio Allende, Ciudad de Córdoba, Argentina

Objective: To analyze seropositivity prevalence for Chlamydia Pneumoniae in a series of patient coronary in reference to the populational prevalence without coronary illness of same age and sex.

Material and Method: He/she was formed a team multidisciplinary to recruit a sample of 300 healthy individuals and 100 with coronary illness from the 6/99 up to the 2/01 selected and studied as it is described in another summary. You design a study traverse case-control, taking an aleatory sample for strata of 50 controls with demographic adjustment and 100 with well-known coronary illness. The prevalence you contrast with test of Chi2 with correction of continuity of Yachts. OR and IC 95 respective% were calculated.

Results: The distribution of the values of Holding of antibodies against Chlamydia Pneumoniae among the cases was significantly different regarding controls. Table 1.

   The prevalence of Holding of antibody >1/32 (positive) among the cases with established coronary illness (92%; IC95% 84,3% to 99,7%) it was significantly superior in reference to the controls (66%; IC95% 45,2% to 86,8%) (P <0,0005, with correction of continuity). This represents a more positive reason of 5.9 times among the cases that in the controls (OR=5.9 IC95% 2.1-16.7).

   Considering a title >1/64 like positive test, these values would be: prevalence of 73% (IC95% 59,6% to 86,4%) and 16% (IC95% 0% to 43,4%) for cases and controls respectively, P < 0,00000001 with correction of continuity. This represents a more positive reason of 14.2 times among the cases that in the controls (OR=14.2 IC95% 5.5-38.8).

   We conclude that these white differences support the hypothesis that the chronic infection for Chlamydia pneumoniae can be a factor of risk for coronary illness in this population of Córdoba.



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