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Antibodies Against the 65 kD Heat
Shock Protein (Hsp) in Patients with
Chronic Chagasic Miocardiopathy (CCHM)

Diez, C.; Beloscar, J.; Pellizzón, O.;
Mariani, E.; Bottasso, O.

Instituto de Inmunología y Cátedra de Patología Médica I,
Facultad de Cs. Médicas, UNRosario, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

   HSP are immunogenic proteins highly conserved throughout evolution. Molecular homology between microbial and host HSP has raised some pathophysiologic role in autoimmunity, which may apply to CCHM given the suspected autoimmune component in its genesis.

Objectives: To measure the antibody levels to a cross-reactive anti-HSP (65 kD, obtained from M.bovis) in persons seropositives for Trypanosome cruzi with or without additional risk factors -RF- for cardiopathy (i.e., smoking, alcoholism, HA).

Materials and Methods: The sample comprised 101 persons that were born in endemic areas classified according to their clinical records and specific serology into 4 groups: positives without (PosRF-, n=29), or with RF (PosRF+, n=42), and negatives without (NegRF-, n=11) or with RF (NegRF+, n=19). Subjects showed no major age differences (overall mean age 52 ± 14 years, sd). Anti-HSP 65kD antibodies were studied by an ELISA method.

Results: (enzymatic activity units, mean ± sem), NegRF+ 34.9±5.8, NegRF- 32.1±5.1, PosRF+ 58.8±8, PosRF- 44.7±9.6 (positives vs negatives, p<0.05). Further stratification of seropositives according to cardiac involvement revealed, G1 43±10 (n=11), G2 62.5±11.9 (n=18), G3 68±17 (n=13).

Conclusions: T. cruzi infection is accompanied by higher levels of anti-HSP 65kD antibodies, with a trend to be even more augmented in those with CCHM and RF.



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