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Left Ventricular Function in
Patients with Inducible Ischemia

J. Camilletti, R. Campisi, L. Glezer, A. Mele

Instituto de Cardiología La Plata, Buenos ires, Argentina

Introduction: Gated Spect (GS) allows the evaluation of left ventricular function (LVF).Recent publications suggest that not all patients (P) with inducible ischemia have the same value of LVF at inmediate post-exercise (IPE) and at rest. Then, IPE LVF would nor represent LVF at R.

Objective: The aim of the study was the evaluation of LVF [ ejection fraction (EF), end diastolic volume (EDV) and end systolic volume (ESV)] at R and IPE in P with coronary artery disease suspected by the myocardial perfusion SPECT results.

Methods: 32 P were included with inducible reversible defects using exercise Bruce protocol. Images were acquired using 99mTc sestamibi. All P were imaged at IPE and at R (4 hours later) using GS protocol. P were classified in two groups according at the ischemic amount: (G). G1: low ischemic risk: P with a summed stress score (SSS) between 4 and 8 in a semicuantitative analysis of a model with 20 segments; n=17 ; 58 +/- 11 years; G2: intermediate ischemic risk: P with a SSS between 8 and 13; n= 15; 64+/- 10 years.

Results: Table 1

Conclusion: P with moderate ischemic risk (G2), evaluated by SSS had a major drop in EF at PE, with significant increase in EDV and ESV, as compared with P with low ischemic risk. Our results suggest that the larger amount of myocardial ischemia the higher probability of stunned myocardium.



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