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Serology for Chagas Disease in
Río de los Sauces Population

Marcuzzi, Francisco; Garcia, Marcelo;
Ortiz, Pablo; Nicola, Teresa; López, Mariela

Coronary Unit. Clínica Regional Del Sud
Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina

Because of the high frequency of patients in the highland place with Chagas manifestation, we decided to study that whole population of Rio de los Sauces.

Objectives: To get some facts about the prevalence and cardiologic degree in the infected people, and also to study the most significative risk.

Material and Methods: 392 inhabitants were studies over a population of 780 persons.
Serologic, electrocardiography and clinic exams were done (Inmunofluorescence Test and Indirect Hemaglutination)

Results: Positive serology 51/392 giving 13% (with coincidence of 100% in both Serologic Studies. The most frequent electric changes were polyphocal ventricular extrasystole (3),BIRDHH (3),BIRIHH(3),HAI(3), Atrial fibrillation and Definitive Pacemarmarker.A 6% of the patients showed yugular ingurgitation and 25% edema in the lower limbs. The most significative risk factor were illiteracy, rural work, mainly in men, the contact with poultry and livestock in the periphery with additive effects in both, not showing the presence of domestic animals a significative difference (neither the quantity) nor firewood in store-rooms.

Conclusion: It is a region with high incidence of seropositivy, very superior to the mean values from official organisms that suppose to get to 1,11%.

Trough this study, it was observed a high percentage of electric and clinic manifestations in seropositive persons.



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