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Ventricular Phenotypes in
Arterial Hypertension

Piskorz, D; Robiolo, O; Locatelli, H;
Citta, N; Lanzotti, R; Tommasi, A

Cardiology Institute of the Rosario Britannic Sanatorium.
Rosario. Santa Fe. Argentina

Arterial Hypertension (AH) has different ventricular phenotypes for the same level of blood pressure.

Objectives: To define the ventricular phenotypes associated to left ventricular heart failure (HF) in patients (p) with AH

Design: Case - control.

Material and Methods: 72 p controls without AH nor HF ( C ) matched by sex and age with 11 p with HF with AH and without ischemic cardiopathy ( IC ); 16 p with HF with IC and without AH; 17 p with HA with hemorrhagic stroke ( HS ); 10 p with HA and ischemic stroke ( IS ) and 17 p non complicated HA ( NC ). The echocardiographic eccentricity index (IE) and left ventricular mass index (LVMI) were calculated, and the Framingham Study values were considered as normals. The prevalence of eccentric hypertrophy (EH) was calculated.

Statistical Analysis: t Students tests for medias and proportions differences, statistical significance p < 0,05. Results (Table 1):

Conclusions: 1) p with NC AH, AH HF, IC HF, AH HS and AH IS have statistically significant greater LVMI than C, without statistical differences between them; 2) p with AH HF and IC HF have statistically significant lower IE than C; 3) p with AH HF presented an eccentric phenotype of left ventricular hypertrophy.



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