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Fibrinogen is Increased in Cardiac
Patients with Diabetes Mellitus:
Analysis of 1053 Individuals

Koracevic, Goran; Milosevic, Suncica;
Pesic, Lela; Andrejevic, Sladjana;
Apostolovic, Svetlana; Sakac, Dejan

Department of Cardiovascular Diseases, Nis, Yugoslavia

Introduction: Blood fibrinogen (Fbg) is important in cardiology, because it has been repeatedly shown to correlate with coronary artery disease (CAD) presence and severity.

Aim of the paper was to investigate if diabetes mellitus elevates blood FBG in CAD patients (pts) because of lack of studies on this problem in Medline.

Patients and Methods: We analyzed 1053 persons: 305 healthy controls, one study group of 545 CHF pts and the second study group consisted of 203 CAD pts: 45 pts with stable angina pectoris (St-AP), 68 pts with unstable AP (UAP) and 90 pts with acute myocardial infarction (AMI). 30 variables were analyzed.

Results: Fbg conc. were: in St-AP group 4.83±2.62g/L; in U-AP 5.73±2.77g/L (p=0.1330 vs. St-AP); while in AMI it was 6.91±3.18 (p=0.0011 vs. St-AP and p=0.020 vs. U-AP). Borderline significance was found for Fbg in predicting in hospital death (p=0.0569). In CAD group, Fbg in CHF subgroup was 8.47 ± 3.85 and in no-CHF subgroup 5.68 ± 2.67 (p<0.0001).
In CHF group Fbg was 5.77±2.75g/L (as compared to 3.01±0.65 in controls; t=17.1; p<0.0001). There was no difference in CHF pts between CAD vs. no-CAD pts. Correlation between Fbg and diabetes mellitus presence was positive and significant (p=0.0172), as expected. In diabetic pts FBG was 5.46±2.73 vs. 6.23±2.84 in non-DM pts.

Discussion: Fbg elevation in DM might be due to infections, that often accompany DM. On the other hand, known correlation of FBG and atherosclerosis may also explain higher FBG in DM pts.

Conclusions: 1) Fibrinogen is clearly increased in patients with diabetes mellitus in cardiac patients. 2) Our paper presents additional evidence that the increased risk for atherosclerosis in diabetic patients might be partially result of increased blood fibrinogen level.



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