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Non Invasive Assessment of Endothelial
Function. Interobserver Variability

Vilchez, Alejandro; Tufare, Ana;
Escudero, Eduardo; Pedroni, Pablo;
Plastino, María Laura; Plastino, Juan Angel

Cátedra Libre de Postgrado en Cardiología Facultad de
Ciencias Médicas de La Plata. Buenos Aires. Argentina

Background: Endothelial dysfunction is an early marker of long term coronary atherosclerosis. Detection of patients with endothelial dysfunction is useful to identify those with high risk to develop coronary disease. Doppler echocardiography makes the diagnosis in a non invasive and reproducible way. Each center should validate the method before using it in daily practice.

Objectives: To assess endothelial function in healthy subjects. To analyze interobserver variability.

Methods: 10 subjects were evaluated. Mean age was 29,5+/- 2,59 years old (3M, 7F).All of them underwent Doppler echocardiography of the brachial artery. Cuff technique according to Celermajer, Sorensen et al was used.

Results: Differences between baseline and one minute after deflation diameters were 3,23+/- 0,46 mm and 3,59+/-0,49mm respectively (11% p<0,0001).Difference between maximal and one minute blood flow velocity was 83,5+/-30,8 cm/sec and 120+/-38,5 cm/sec respectively (44,6% p<0,0001).No significant differences between baseline and 3 and 5 minutes diameters and blood flow velocities were found. Variance analysis showed no significant difference between measurements made by two separate observers.(Table I).

Conclusion: Endothelial function can be assessed by Doppler Echocardiography of the brachial artery in an accurate way and with minimal interobserver variability.



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