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The Protein C Reactive at Patients' Discharge
is a Risk Marker for Ischemic Events 60 Days
After a Percutaneous Transluminal
Coronary Angioplasty

Bono, Julio O.; Pignolo, Germán;
Cabrera Ferreira, María José; De Elías, Rafael;
Kiener, Oscar; Paoletti, Francisco;
Londero, Hugo

Coronary Care Unit, Central Laboratory, Allende Clinic, Córdoba, Argentina

Objective: To analyze the independent prognosis value of PCR and Troponin T (TNT) for Ischemic Events (IE) Post-PTCA ( 60 days) in patients with Stable Angina ( EA) or Unstable Angina(UA) and to define risk categories.

Material and Methods: It is a prospective study in a group of 86 patients, 68 with EA and 18 with UA, who underwent PTCA. TNT was determined by Electroquimiolumniscency and PCR by Inmunoturbidimetry; and in both cases, Prior PTCA and Post-PTCA. IE were followed 60 days after the procedure. The prognosis value of TNT and PCR was assessed by Logistic Multiple Regression analysis, including the following confounders: age, sex, Prior PTCA diagnosis (UA or EA), Diabetes (D), previous administration of Aspirin, dilated vessels.

Results: Age 64.4 ± 11.2 years, 50% men, H 48.8%, D 57%. Left Anterior Descendant Artery( DA) was dilated in 39.5% of the patients, CX 45.3 %, CD 24.4%; 90.7% PTCA of one vessel. The incidence of IE was 14% (n=12). The IE incidence and risk increased with TNT Prior and Post-PTCA, though not significantly to the multivariate. A significant relation between PCR Prior PTCA and IE (Eta 0.55; P<0.0001) was shown, as well as between PCR Post-PTCA and IE (Eta 0.69; P<0.0001) with a clear risk increase (Exp-beta) to a larger category of values. A PCR Post-PTCA>2.00 was related to 80% of IE up to 60 days after. A PCR Post-PTCA> 1.00 provides 92 % sensitivity and 88% specificity ( 55% versus 1.5 of IE with PCR > 1.00 and = 1.00 respectively P< 0.0001)

Conclusion: The value of PCR Post-PTCA would be a significant independent marker of IE in PTCA.



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