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Non Contrast Harmonic Stress
Echocardiography does Will Still has
to Use Old Technologies?

Villarraga, Héctor R.; Sánchez, Jairo;
Badiel, Marisol; Rosso, Fernando;
Olaya, Pastor.

Echocardiographic and Hemodinamic Laboratory.
Fundación Valle del Lili, Cali, Colombia

Introduction: In the present decade ultrasound machines have had a great development in implementing new techniques that allow better visualization of the myocardium and endocardium. When a tissue is exposed to a burst of ultrasound it resonates at the same frequency it was exposed, and at multiples of this frequency which are called harmonics. The integration of all the multiples of the resonating frequency (harmonics) allows better characterization of the tissues allowing fewer near field and side lobbing artifacts.

Methods: Between September/97 and April/2000, a total of 2,571 stress echocardiogram (with exercise and dobutamine) were performed with an Acuson Sequoia C256 equipped with H3.5MHz frequency transducer. The standard protocol of 3 minute stages of 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 mcg/Kg/min of DBT was used until at least 90% THR was reached If at 30 mcg/kg/min less than 70% of THR was achieved atropine in boluses of 0.25 mg was used up to a maximum of 2.0 mg, exercise was also performed until the same THR was accomplished. All the data was stored in EPI-INFO v.6.04.

Results: 1,378 men (53.6%). Age: 58.7 ± 12.7 yr (23-95 yr). Of a total of 41.136 segments to be evaluated, 41.124 (99.9%) where visualized adequality and completely, pre and post stress for a total of 82248 of 82,272 possible (99.9%) myocardial segments which is equivalent to see 15.99 segments per patient. All coronary territories where adequately visualized in the 16 segments model of the left ventricular: LAD=99.9, CX=99.7, RC=99.9.

Conclusion: The technological development in the area of ultrasound especially native harmonics allows visualizing and evaluating in a more complete and through manner the myocardial border in the three coronary territories in almost 100% of cases. This modality should be the one of choice for their exam.



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