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Arterial Dysfunction and Modifiable
Coronary Risk Factors

Rodríguez Leyva, Delfín; Valdemira Escalona,
Francisco; Alvarez Infante, Elisa;
Rodríguez Mulet, Delfín.

Hospital Universitario V.I.Lenin. Holguín. Cuba

Introduction: The endothelial dysfunction is a condition usually present in atherosclerosis, hypercholesterolemia and others coronary risk factors.

Objectives: study aimed at identifying the behaviour of the main nonmodifiable coronary risk factors and its relationship with the existence of arterial dysfunction

Methods: A transversal descriptive study through the use of high resolution ultrasonography and Doppler in the service of cardiology at the provincial teaching V.I.Lenin hospital during January to October 2000 was done. 100 patients chosen at random with at least one of these coronary risk factors were studied observing haw these factors behave.

Results and conclusions: It was concluded that the coronary risk factors with greater incidence in the onset of arterial dysfunction are obesity (exp ß = 5), sedentary living (exp ß = 2.29), smoking (exp = 3) being the latter a time dependent factor (p = 0.002) and not a dose dependent one to cause arterial dysfunction. Arterial hypertension (p = 0.01), diabetes mellitus (p = 0.04) and sedentary living (p = 0.02) show a statistical significance relationship concerning the presence of endothelial dysfunction. With these 100 first cases, a new form of noninvasive diagnosis is introduced in our country.



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