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Results of a Survey Regarding
Population's Beliefs about Organ
Donation and Transplantation

Moscoloni, Silvia; Martínez, Liliana;
Presa, Carlos; Perrone, Sergio;
Favaloro, Roberto R.

Favaloro Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Background: It is important to know about attitudes towards and beliefs on organ donation (OD) and transplantation (OT) for the population to acknowledge its significance.

Objectives: To collect data regarding attitudes toward and beliefs about OD and OT.

Material and Methods: From January through September 2000, a survey has been conducted on 1564 people (PS) with a 12-item questionnaire at different-level educational institutions and workplaces. The variables analyzed were: age, gender, education, occupation, residence, and religion.

Results: Population characteristics are shown in Table 1 and 2. According to the responses 22.6% did not know (NK) what brain death is, 67.1% was never given information on OD, 39.46% NK or provided no answer on (NA) the necessary requisites to be a donor, 47.76% NK or NA what is the body in charge of OD, 41.37% NK what organs may be donated, 78.13% NK or NA if there is an adequate educational campaign, 57.67% NK or NA if they spoke to or saw transplanted people, 58.24% NK or NA when somebody needs a transplantation; 68.83% NK or NA what is the lifestyle of a transplanted person, 86% did not believe their religion does not approve of OD, 32% would not donate an organ, 58% are not afraid of donating an organ.

Conclusions: A high PS percentage are unaware of the process of OD and OT. Current promotion campaigns are not enough for the population to become aware of its significance. The only way to achieve this goal is by means of an educational program, which in the long run will increase the number of effective donations.



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