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Experience in a Cardiac
Rehabilitation Program

Vázquez Cabrer, Gabriel.

Hospital Angeles de la Lomas. Estado de México. México

Introduction: Now a days cardiac rehabilitation programs have been suggested, by the American Heart Association and the American Association of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation as a main part in the treatment of coronary patients.

Objectives: To demonstrate the improvement in the maximal ventilatory oxygen uptake, blood pressure response, heart rate response, as well as in the moment of clinical benchmark-angina pectoris and exercise induced ischemia on the electrocardiogram and also, at ventricular function parameters: as oxygen pulse and Aptecar's rate.

Method: Observational, non randomized prospective study of 280 coronary patients followed during a three month program. The methodology in the study, the patients description and their evolution is widely described.

Results: All the above variables were analyzed before the patients were included in the program and after they finished it. An 83.57% of improvement in the functional capacity has been observed, the rest of the parameters are also described according to different groups, which were divided in order to analyzed its characteristics.

Discussion: The present study evaluated the different groups classified in the program. It is important to mention that not only patients with previous myocardial infarction were included but also patients with severe left ventricular dysfunction as a resting left ventricular ejection fraction measuring less than 30%, evaluating the range of safety, complications and results of the program.

Conclusions: It is important today that the cardiologist gets to know the benefits of including their patients to this type of programs, its results, its risks and the low percentage of patients that being included in a program do not medically improved.



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