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Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.
Present Day Panoramic

Vázquez Cabrer, Gabriel

Hospital Angeles de las Lomas. Estado de México. México

Introduction: These days, cardiac rehabilitation programs play an important role in the treatment of cardiac patients, not only because they try to reincorporate them to a normal previous life-style but also because they have a great influence in their morbility and mortality

Objectives: To prove how rehabilitated patients can have a normal life-style, can low the risk of having another mortal myocardial infarction, decrease the morbility and mortality as well as the sudden death.

Methods: A vast revision of the word's literature related to the mechanism which influenced the benefits of the metabolic, cardiopulmonary, angiogenesis and endothelial aspects that explain the satisfactory evolution of these patients.

Results: It is well known that rehabilitated patients that have suffered heart attack lower in a 40% their possibility to a sudden death, in a 25% the risk of cardiac mortality and in a 20% all cause of mortality.

Discussion: These revision emphasizes in an analytic way; the first description made by Kallio in 1979, The National Heart Disease and Exercise Project in 1981, Oldrigde and O'Connor meta analysis in 1987 and 1988, until the present studies by Coats in cardiac failure and also the ones made by New England Magazine in 2000 which showed the benefits on the endothelial dysfunction.

Conclusions: This work shows how since its beginning in 1963 when the basis were settled by the World's Health Organization until now, the most important findings in the development of cardiac rehabilitations programs have been made and proved and the need to be best known by the cardiologist and other medical doctors.



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