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Angiotensin II Stimulates L-Type Calcium Ca2+ Currents (ICa) of Cat Cardiac Myocytes Via A pHi- Independent and PKC and Ca2+i- Dependent Mechanism. A Perforated-Patch vs. Whole-Cell Study
E. A. Aiello, H. E. Cingolani
PDF (157 KB) - tl079i    

Effect of Exercise on Ventricular Remodeling after Experimental Myocardial Infarction in Rabbits
Manuel Rodríguez, Celina Morales, Germán E. González, Martín Donato, Carlos Bertolasi, Ricardo J. Gelpi
PDF (73 KB) - tl060i | Espanhol    

Histopathological Lesions in Aorta from Rats with Hiperfibrinogenemia
M. Moya, V. Campana, A. Gavotto, I. Spitale, J. Simes, J. Palma
PDF (243 KB) - tl072i    


Electrocardiographic and Structural Studies in Infected Mice with Two Strains of Trypanosoma Cruzi
Héctor Rivarola, Manuel J. Bustamante, Ruth Fernández A, Julio Enders, José Palma, Patricia Paglini-Oliva
PDF (167 KB) - tl058i    

Fetal ECG Recovery Using Dynamic Neural Networks with FIR Synapses
G. Camps, M. Martínez, E. Soria, L. Gómez, J. Calpe, J. Guerrero, J. Muñoz
PDF (322 KB) - tl134i    

Modifications in Chagas' Disease Evolution Using Tricyclic Drugs
Héctor Rivarola, Ruth Fernández A, Julio Enders, Patricia Paglini-Oliva
PDF (126 KB) - tl057i    


Pulmonary Artery Viscoelastic Properties: Buffering Function Characterization
Daniel Bia, Lucas Gamero, Juan C. Grignola, Muriel Rodríguez, Martín Vallarino, Luis Núñez, Ricardo L. Armentano, Fernando Ginés
PDF (68 KB) - tl111i    

Serological Response to Chlamydia Pneumoniae (C pn) in Adults with Atherosclerosis Coronary Heart Disease (ACHD) and Nonatherosclerotic Patients at Córdoba, Argentina
Cecilia Cuffini, Pilar Adamo, Silvia Becher, Mauro Pedranti, Néstor Villegas, Sebastián Aguiar, Luis Alberto Guzmán, Marta Zapata
PDF (121 KB) - tl050i    


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Altered ATP-Dependent K+ Channel Function Makes Diabetic Heart More Sensitive to Ischemia/Reperfusion-Induce Arrhythmias and Myocardial Stunning
Héctor F. del Valle, Elena C. Lascano, Jorge A. Negroni
PDF - tl105i     

Early and Late Ischemic Preconditioning Protect Against Reperfusion-Induced Arrhythmias Following Reversible Sustained Ischemia in Conscious Sheep
Lascano Elena Catalina, del Valle Héctor Fabián, Negroni Jorge Antonio
PDF - tl110i     

Failure of Both First and Second Window of Preconditioning in Protecting Diabetic Heart Against Stunning
Héctor F. del Valle, Lascano Elena C, Negroni Jorge A
PDF - tl104i     

Isoproterenol Induced Myocardial Infarction in Guinea Pigs with Scurvy
Corneliu Zeana, Desideriu Laki, Smaranda Constantinescu
PDF - tl099i     

Low and High Doses of Glibenclamide Increase the Risk of Reperfusion-Induced Arrhythmias in a Conscious Diabetic Sheep Model
Héctor F del Valle, Jorge A Negroni, Elena C Lascano
PDF - tl106i    

Na+/H+ Exchanger Inhibition Induces Regression of Cardiac Hypertrophy in the Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat (SHR)
María C. Camilión de Hurtado, Néstor G. Pérez, Enrique Portiansky, Horacio E. Cingolani
PDF - tl095i    


Is PKC Playing a Role in the Tolerance to Ischemia of Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats (SHR)?
S. M. Mosca, Horacio E. Cingolani
PDF - tl090i  | Espanhol    

Regression of Cardiac Hypertrophy by Na+/H+ Exchanger blockade in the Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat
Maria C. Camilión de Hurtado, Néstor G. Pérez, Horacio E. Cingolani
PDF - tl080i    

Slow Force Response after Myocardial Stretch: Increase in Ca2+ Transient, Myofilament Responsiveness of Both?
Horacio E. Cingolani, Néstor G. Pérez, María C. Camilión de Hurtado
PDF - tl094i    

The Importance of PKC in the Generation of Ischemic Conptracture in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats (SHR): Relationship with the Postischemic Recovery
S. M. Mosca, M. A. Salas, Horacio E. Cingolani
PDF - tl084i  | Espanhol    



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