Instructions for Lecturers

These instructions are for Lecturers and participants in Round Tables, who take part in the TVCC. They are divided in Texts, Still images, Dynamic images and PowerPoint Presentations.

Complying with these while preparing the lecture or paper will diminish both complexity in editing and publication, and errors.

We suggest printing them to use them as a guide while preparing the material. The lectures and papers will be edited and published in the Web, and before their public dissemination, the Lecturer or Author will receive the address, so that he can access the material and perform a quality control.

If there are any doubts, or to send suggestions, please send a message to Likewise, we are available in the same address for questions about scanning and image handling, etc.

Except for explicit clarifications, the submissions must be sent to

Attention: In all the submissions, the files have to be for PC (not for McIntosh).




The lectures and papers can be sent in any of the official languages of the congress: Spanish, Portuguese and English. In the cases of lectures and papers submitted in Spanish or Portuguese, it is suggested to send an English version, too.

To send the material of lectures and papers, it is indispensable to separate the text from the images, and to send the latter by e-mail as attached files in their original format.



The images can be still, such as graphics, pictures, or dynamic, such as videos of echocardiograms, angiographies, ventriculograms, etc.




Presentations in PowerPoint


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