Instructions for Authors of Abstracts and Brief Communications

Deadline to submit Abstracts: May 30, 2003

Abstract Submission - Peer review - Full text submission - Prizes

Instructions to Submit Abstracts

Original papers will be accepted, as well as papers presented in presential congresses in years 2002 and 2003. Abstracts from papers published on the Internet will not be accepted.

The abstracts will have to be submitted exclusively in .DOC or (preferably) .RTF formats, as attached files in an e-mail message, to this address:

Languages: Abstracts will be received in Spanish, English and/or Portuguese.



Use of sotalol in patients with Chagasic Heart Failure
Pérez José; Romero Antonio Francisco; Quiroga Atilio
Hospital Regional del Sur. Río Turbio, Santa Cruz. Argentina.

Introduction: Heart failure...
Objectives: The present paper....
Material and Methods: 18 patients...
Results: Group A:...
Discussion: The process of...
Conclusions: The answers...

The abstract should be registered in some of the following thematic units (this registration could be modified by the Selection Board):

Besides, the following data must be included, for each one of the Authors:

All the authors have to be registered in the Third International Congress of Cardiology through the Internet - 3rd Virtual Congress of Cardiology (we remind you that several individuals can register with just one e-mail address).


Peer review

A Selection Board will analyze each Abstract, including them within one of the following categories:

General procedure in the management of Abstracts:


Presentation of full papers (Brief Communications)

Once the Selection Board makes a decision, and only in the cases in which the corresponding abstract is considered "Accepted as Brief Communication", the communications can be presented in Spanish, Portuguese or English. In the cases in which the presentation is in Spanish or Portuguese, it is suggested (but not excluding) to submit a version in English. The contents will have to agree in the whole with the abstract.

The Brief Communications could have texts and images according to the following characteristics:

To send the material, it is indispensable to separate the texts from the images and to submit these by e-mail as attached files in their original format.




Up to 7 (seven) images can be included, which can be still, such as tables, graphs, pictures, or dynamic, such as videos of echocardiograms, angiographies, ventriculograms, etc.

Attention: Brief Communications in PowerPoint or similar formats will not be accepted.



The Abstracts presented during the 3rd International Congress of Cardiology through the Internet - TVCC that achieve a mark equal or higher than 6 by the selection board (the highest one being 7), can have access to prizes. For this reason, the author will be invited to submit the full paper. This will be analyzed by a panel of judges made up "ad hoc".

It is an indispensable condition to have access to a prize, to submit the full paper according to the specifications made (see "Presentation of full papers (Brief Communications)).

The prizes will be granted in the following areas:

The prizes are a Certificate granted by the Argentine Federation of Cardiology, and the publication of the paper in the Journal of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology.

The decision by the Panel of Judges of the TVCC Prizes will be unappealable.


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